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Numbers previously available:

  • Number for each volume: 30,00 reais


Access the webpage:, go to Guia de Recolhimento and click in "Formulário - GR UEM", to the left of the page a figure will show, type the 448 code and click "Validate".

Then the following screen will appear:

Fill in the fields:

  • CPF/CNPJ, Name/Social name and the value to be raised;

Click in "Enviar";

  • Confirm the data in the Collection Guide, visualize and print the Collection Guide;

It is indispensable that after the payment, the one who signed send the receipt along with the indication of the signature request and/or the number of volumes you asked and the mail adress to: JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION/UEM, Physical Education Department, Av. Colombo, 5790 - Postal Code 87020-900 - Maringa - PR - Brazil or by the FAX: (44) 3261-4470.

To signature send an email to


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