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Basic Information

The Journal of Physical Education/UEM is edited by the State university of Maringa (UEM) and has been funded with resources originated from the budget of the Physical Education Department from UEM. It has shown a significant evolution in the last twenty years due to the increase of the number of several Physical Education undergraduation coursed, increase in the number of students enrolled in scientific initiation, increase in the number of graduation (master and doctoral) courses. Therefore, there is a need to find support in other funding organizations due to the increase of the demand and request of the acquisition of the journal.

The Journal of Physical Education/UEM, linked to the Physical Education Department from the State University of Maringa, was created in 1989. Until 2002 only one number was published annually (publishing a mean of 10 articles annually). From this date to 2007, due to a rising demand, the journal began to publish two numbers annually. Between the years of 1989 and 2007 more than 240 papers were published. In 2008, aiming at improving the qualification and visibility of the Journal of Physical Education/UEM, four volumes started to be edited, publishing 60 articles gathered from the academic production generated by graduation courses from universities all over the country (USP, UNICAMP, UNESP, UFSC, UFMG, UFPR, UFRJ, UERJ, UEM and UEM, among others).

The Journal of Physical Education/UEM is the oldest journal in the field, showing a periodicity and regularity in the field since 1989. It is distinguished from the others due to a broad thematic insertion allowing the diversity of Physical Education's and Sport's subareas. On the other hand, the Journal of Physical Education/UEM is freely distributed throughout this years, to the Physical Education undergraduation courses.

Nowadays, a journal is qualified in Qualis/CAPES at the B2 strata, one of the highest among the journals in Physical Education field in Brazil.

Since 2007 the Chief Editor of the Journal if the Prof. Dr. José Luiz Lopes Vieira, showing a quarterly periodicity published in march, june, september and december.

  1. To publish, quarterly, the results of original researches about relevant and unpublished themes, in the diverse specialties of Health/Human Sciences - Physical Education;
  2. To publish manuscripts from basic or applied science that might be reproduced and other contributions from descriptive and interpretative character, based on recent literature;
  3. To publish papers about actual or emergent themes, taking originality, novelty and exclusiveness destination to the journal as indispensable;
  4. To publish papers motivated by a central question which denotes the originality and the potential interest of the research, according to the broad spectrum of national and international readers of the journal, entering in the field's theoretical debate.


  1. To publish papers that represent significant contributions to the knowledge of Health/Human Sciences - Physical Education, which shall have a scientific character and the aim of approaching deeply themes and tendencies in the field;
  2. Have as target public, scattered among different fields of knowledge, mainly, undergraduation and graduation students, researchers acting in higher education level, research centers and organizations, national and international.
  3. To present a severe policy for the evaluation of the manuscripts submitted to publication, each manuscript evaluated by two reviewers, carefully selected in the scientific community, corresponding to PhD supervisors and/or researchers with productivity scholarships CNPq. The acceptance decision to publication is referred to the recommendation of the editorial board as well as ad hoc reviewers.
  4. To respect ethical criteria in research, explained in the Methods and Materials section, conduced and approved by ethical committees in researches with human beings.
  5. To keep a high ethical conduct in relation to the publication and its collaborators;
  6. To keep severity with the quality of the scientific papers to be published;
  7. To select capable and eclectic reviewers with ethical education and professional respect to the authors and to be impartial in the decision making process, seeking to always make constructive and professional critics;

Its abbreviated title is Jour. Phys. Educ/UEM, which should be used in bibliographies, footnotes and bibliographical references and strips.


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Intellectual Property

  • All content of the journal, except where identified, is licensed under a Creative Commons attribution-type BY.



The journal receives funding from:

  • Araucaria Foundation - FA
  • Sports Ministry - ME


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