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Scope and policy

Editoria Científica Internacional (the International Scientific Editorial Office) - has the role of par consultant for the periodical and comprises Professors, Adalberto Noyola - Unviersidade Nacional de México (National University of Mexico), Bela Petry - Institute for Infrastructure Hydraulics and Environmental Engineering IIIHEE - Holland, Duncan Mara - University of Leeds - England and Jorge Arboleda Valencia - Universdidad del Valle (del Valle University) - Colômbia who are renowned international scientific professionals, who maintain scientific affiliations with the country.

Editoria Científica Nacional (the National Scientific Editorial Office) - has the role of looking after the editorial line, assuring its quality, punctuality and regularity. Professors Beatriz Ceballos, Eugênio Foresti, Léo Heller and Sérgio João de Luca are national editors.

Conselho Editorial Científico (the Scientific Editorial Counsel) - is attributed the evaluation of the published articles and comprises professionals and researchers attached to institutions headquartered in different regions of the country, who are specialists in the diverse themes to which the articles refer and who satisfy the criteria established by ABES.

- a) publication of more than 70% of scientific articles - At the moment the Magazine presents at least 5 original articles of scientific nature (article) and technical nature (technical summary) in each issue. In addition, topics of extreme interest to scientific circles are disseminated, which originate the "Books", "Technical News" and opinion articles' sections.

- b) the selection of articles - is based on the "Regulations for the Publication of Articles" with opinions presented by at least four referees, who are members of the Scientific Editorial Counsel (see attached regulations). The referees, based on the attached form, indicate the need for revision of the text, the inclusion of aspects, or the non-acceptance of the article. The suggestions are forwarded to the author for consideration and revision.

- c) national coverage in terms of referees: The Scientific Editorial Counsel comprises professionals and researchers attached to institutions headquartered in different regions of the country (see list in the forwarding form).

- d) dedication to the thematic area: Papers in the Sanitary and Environmental Engineering Magazine are dedicated to the area, which is indicated in the title of the publication.

-.e) number of articles published: The Scientific Editorial Counsel opted to publish at least 12 articles per issue, as of the second semester of 1997.

- The articles must include the date of receipt by the Editorial Counsel of the version which has been revised by them, the authors' addresses for correspondence, as well as the title of the article and the name of the author in the heading of the page

- Titles, the abstract and key words are published in English and the text is normally edited in Portuguese.

- The summary of each author's curriculum is published together with the article showing education details and the institution with whom the author is affiliated.

- f) scope of activity - The magazine is not to be seen as a departmental institutional or regional publication, which receives articles from all over the Country, from researchers affiliated to different institutions.

The magazine is systematically distributed to members of ABES, libraries, universities and public entities.

Articles will be reviewed by three peers acknowledged for their scientific production and research, from higher institutions in Brazil and abroad. After the necessary corrections and possible suggestions, the paper shall be accepted if two peers give a favorable statement; the article will be rejected if two peer reviews are unfavorable.

Associação Brasileira de Engenharia Sanitária e Ambiental


Manuscripts' form and presentation

- Technical Article: is a complete, original, totally documented and interpreted exposure of a relevant paper.

- A Technical Summary corresponds to a report summary paper where the results are still partial as to the development of technical considerations related to some aspect of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering or some other pertinent summary material, for judgment by the Editorial Counsel.

- Technical Material is an approach about a current subject, related to Sanitary and Environmental Engineering in the form of material commended to a specialist by the Editorial Counsel.

- Discussion about a Technical Summary or Article: Discussion is a critical evaluation or a content extension of a Technical Summary or Article published in this Magazine. The discussions will be published, whenever possible, together with the reply of the author(s). The editorial line of the magazine is to stimulate the publication of contributions for discussion.

- The Translation of a paper: originally published in other languages will also be accepted, on the condition that it is judged by the editorial counsel as being of technical or scientific relevance to the Brazilian community.

- Bibliographic Commentaries: comprehend commentaries about books and significant technical publications, in the "Books" Section.


Fees for authors

Submission rate Sanitary Engineering Journal: R$ 100.00.
There is no charge for evaluation.
The fee is intended to non-members of ABES. If the main author is a member, please send an e-mail informing ABES registration number to be exempt from the fee. Note: The submission fee will not be refunded if the manuscript is refused, and the payment of the fee does not guarantee acceptance of the article, which will normally by the evaluation process. Join the ABES:

The sending of manuscripts

The texts are to be forwarded to the National Headquarters of ABES, at Av. Beira Mar, 216 - 13th floor - Castelo - 20021-060 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ, in new floppy disks or CD's, in two copies, with the name of the paper and the respective author(s) accompanied by three printed and revised copies.

When forwarding the contribution, the author must clearly explain the denomination of the paper, which is to be encompassed in one of the seven possibilities outlined at the beginning of item 2 above of this regulation.


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